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  • Rescue Markets | nonprofit organization | Dallas, TX

    PLUS QUE 8 JOURS AVANT L'ÉVÉNEMENT Pizza, Pizza, Pizza, Mama Mia Thatsa Good! Every time you buy a pizza, we can treat one of the families we help to a pizza too. Quand 05 oct., 18:00 – 20:00 Où Dallas, 6919 Lindsley Ave, Dallas, TX 75223, USA S'inscrire Serving the Greater Dallas area Visit our Amazon Wishlist The week's Rescue Meals Help us help those in need and their animal companions. grab yourself something to eat for this Sunday! pick-up is 9/24 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Chef's. Grab 2 Rescue Meals Two to Tango 10/1 Prix 19,95$ Lakewood Delivery only Grab 3 Rescue Meals 3 For Me 10/1 Prix 26,95$ Lakewood Delivery only Grab 4 Rescue Meals 4 Mi Amore 10/1 Prix 34,95$ Lakewood Delivery only Grab 5 Rescue Meals 5 to Thrive 10/1 Prix 39,95$ Lakewood Delivery only Shop Now Become A Pet Sitter Care Event Sponsor Members Invite Bobby Fitness Studio Scan the QR code to get an invite link. Join us on mobile! Download the Spaces by Wix app and join “Bobby Fitness Studio” to easily stay updated on the go. Pays +972 arrow&v Numéro de téléphone Envoyer Special Offers Shop All New Arrival Mango Lime Salsa Prix 5,95$ Lakewood Delivery only Ajouter au panier A hot dogs best friend Corn Relish Prix 5,95$ Lakewood Delivery only Ajouter au panier Garden Fresh Marinara Pasta or Pizza Sauce Prix 5,95$ Lakewood Delivery only Ajouter au panier Garden Fresh Pesto Prix 5,95$ Lakewood Delivery only Ajouter au panier Bacon Jam Prix 5,95$ Lakewood Delivery only Ajouter au panier We're working to help those in need please volunteer or make a contribution to our Pay it Forward efforts. Catch Rescue Market events Pet Sitters Care is a family-run non-profit organization that was founded in 2020 with the goal of helping homeless animals in our community. We provide outreach services, as well as food and supplies to those in need. We are passionate about our mission and we hope to make a difference in the lives of these animals. We invite you to join us in our mission to provide love, care and attention to these animals. Together, we can make a difference Enter your email here First name Last name Add me now Thanks for submitting!

  • Plans & Pricing | Pet Sitters Care

    Aucune formule disponible Une fois qu'il y aura des formules disponibles à l'achat, vous les verrez ici. Retour à la page d'accueil

  • About Us | Pet Sitters Care

    About Us Pet Sitters Care welcome to our journey together. At Pet Sitters Care, we are committed to helping the homeless and their animals. Our Wednesday Angels program provides essential items such as body care products, snack kits, dog and cat food to those in need. We also work to fight food insecurity where possible, and with the help of Chef Irvin, we are able to sell meals to raise much needed contributions. Our mission is to help those in need and their animal companions. Robin Perdue Co Founder Rescue Markets Owner VIP Pets Services President Pet Sitters Care Wednesday Angel Chef Irvin Co-Founder Rescue Markets Executive Chef Wednesday Angel Founder Rescue Meals

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  • What’s a business plan, anyway?

    A business plan explains what a business does, how it plans on making money, and why other people should care. Investors aren’t your only audience. Business plans can help you keep track of why you created your business in the first place. Having data, goals, and a clear vision all in one place can help you make important decisions later on.

  • How will you make it happen?

    You can’t provide services or products without the right resources. This is the place to list out what you have: locations, workers, physical supplies, and previous investments. Prove that you’ve thought through every step of the process and know how to get the job done.

  • What will it cost?

    What about the things you need? New locations? Hiring new employees? Provide as many details as possible. After listing the expected expenses, focus on the exciting stuff: profits. How much do you expect your business to earn by the end of the year? And how can your investors benefit from your success?

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